Registered Charity No 1168055

About Us

Who Are We?

As a volunteer-run dog rescue centre in Stoke-on-Trent, we aim to offer a loving home to delightful doggos who’ve fallen on hard times.

Canine homelessness is a growing issue across the UK, and we’re committed to ensuring the pups on our patch, and beyond, have a safe and loving space to call their own.

However, kennelling homeless, neglected, and abused pooches is an expensive, full-time job. From vet bills and food to chew toys and training, we strive to give the pups we receive the best restart to life. But, to do this, we rely heavily on generous public donations.

But that’s where incredible people like you come in. View our available dogs or donate today to start changing the lives of our furry friends forever.


Why Pebbles Legacy?

The Pebbles Legacy name is an homage to one of our previous pups.

Pebbles was an Old Tyme Bulldog who had been brought into rescue after being overbred and painfully mistreated.

Despite her terrible past, Pebbles never lost the ability to love. She was a sweet and gentle girl who captured the hearts of everyone she met – including those of her new family.

Sadly, she passed over the rainbow bridge after succumbing to ill health brought on by the excessive breeding. Now, with her beautiful soul in mind, we work with other abused, abandoned, or relinquished dogs to offer them a better today and an even brighter tomorrow.

Meet Pebbles

What to Donate

If you’re thinking of donating to our little dog rescue centre in Stoke then, firstly, thank you and, secondly, it doesn’t always have to be money. 

There are many ways you can help support the wonderful doggies in our care without adding to our JustGiving page

While financial donations are incredible and gratefully received we also need other items to help keep our pups warm and happy. So, if you have any of these knocking around at home, why not bring them down to us?

Dog Donations

  • Blankets
  • Baskets or beds
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Teddies

General Donations

  • Building supplies
  • Help with on-going renovations
  • Fencing
  • Old clothing (we’ll put your rags to good use around the kennels)
  • Your time

Where to Find Us